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For those of you looking for a practical martial art, we teach Modern Ninjutsu, a modern version of the ancient art used by the Ninja. It is ideal for women and children as it does not rely on speed and strength for its effectiveness.  Guys – you should know that it’s really good for you as well, because its efficiency will enhance your strength and speed.    This page may answer many of the additional questions that you might have.

Grandmaster Maier Introducing Modern Ninjutsu

Our school emphasizes practical drills/training.  We have a good time while doing so.  You will have to work hard to get good, no magic bullets.  We do not coddle you or your kids.  We are a small school, which allows us to customize your training, based on your learning style.



What You Will Learn

  • Say the “Right Things” and use other psychological skills to stop a fight before it starts
  • Defend From Standing, Seated, And Ground using fluid striking, kicking, and grappling skills
  • Creative Variations- rather than memorizing only set techniques you are shown alternatives, specific to your size and ability, and encouraged to spontaneously create techniques specific to each situation as it arises.
Sensei Chuck Emary and Senior Students

Sensei Chuck Emary and Senior Students

If you are interested in learning more about Modern Ninjutsu  or its founder Grandmaster Maier, you should click on the appropriate links!

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